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i’d like to add marsedit to the pot … sometimes you just need to blog without the hassle of loading your browser … perhaps mars edit will be the ultimate tool?

whether or not i’ll be able to upload pictures etc is another matter …

Coastlands by night

the bonus about mars edit is that i can connect to flickr to insert any picture i have there

technorati tags may be a little more difficult … at the moment i use a form from the landmark project to create them – which means running the browser!

will have to think about how i can get around it …

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new stuff – life on the edge

ok – well – i’ve been playing with some new STUFF over the last few days/weeks …

Twitter – kinda like a giant online global conversation

Flock – new kind of browser that integrates all sorts of social networking stuff – blogging from within flock is quite seamless – especially if you have multiple blogs

Diigo – bookmarking on steroids – i previously have used del.icio.us for bookmarking

Cellfone – heh – i got a new cellphone (Motorola RAZR V3X) and have been playing with camera and video functions – and mobile posting of pictures to Flickr & Photobucket and mobile posting of videos to Youtube


(notice how i like the word stuff … and dragonsinger?)

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Blogged with the Flock Browser

So this is who is responsible for the crashes …

Wine-ing 2.0: Gary Vaynerchuck Takes Down Twitter with Happiness

Twitter vs Facebook

gary vaynerchuk » Twitter vs Facebook….kinda – my 2 minute take on life

tags: Facebook, Twitter

This is an interesting vlog talking about the power of Twitter to potentially overtake Facebook.

cool photo editing

Picnik – edit photos the easy way, online in your browser  Annotated

tags: photos, tools, web2.0

Photo editing made fun

Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.
It’s fast, easy, and fun.

ICT lead teacher day …

pic of my comp etc

  • started with 4-quadrant model – personality styles
  • life with the wright family – fun game
  • classroom snapshot rubic
  • surveymonkey
  • i like survey monkey – i just created a post-test for some learning we did this last week

new computers part 2

photos today … actually these are from yesterday

first photo is what i had in my classroom
old computer

second is what has been added
new computers

as it’s a software/system trial i will have to keep a log of problems as well as what we do on the computer – how much we are using it (so we can sell to BOT when the time comes to advocate for more than one computer in a classroom)


a tough day today – back in class after 5 days off – my autistic boy very difficult – tantrums all day … so a nice surprise to get some extra computing power put into my classroom – i forgot to take pix but will do tomorrow …

basically i’m trialling a ‘thin client’ system called softxpand and have one computer and 4 workstations set up (lovely, shiny new flat screens and all!)

our technician has set it up for me to trial and i will be keeping a log of PMIs and activity – both for the vendor and for our board (cos if it’s good i’m gonna want to keep it and will need to show how i’ve been using it)

my kids all wrote letters to the boss today asking for us to be the ones to get the computers – we weren’t expecting it to happen so fast!

and the next step

DLC #3 – literacy – this time about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and simple grammar conventions

[slideshare id=320120&doc=iamliterate-120640967915135-3&w=425]

i think i’ll trial as a whole class activity in the computer lab – working in pairs

the next step on my journey

DLC #2 Simple circuits

[slideshare id=320121&doc=circuits-1206409682367629-2&w=425]

i’ll trial this with a small group