cautiously excited

it’s really hard to maintain momentum and excitement when you’re a lonely voice in the crowd

this week, however, i’m feeling cautiously excited

a phone call from a colleague (who doesn’t teach a regular classroom – she is on study leave from her job teaching foods technology) who was just buzzing about ICT and the things she’s discovered like Web 2.0 and various blogs (hi to Allanah!) and i got all excited again talking to her

the last couple of weeks have seen our kids at school (almost all of the ~550 kids) involved in World Maths Day – we’re still going as well as visiting Rainforest maths (which they love)

i also have two girls who are top of the list for literacy (and maths) extension so i’m looking coming up with some sort of DLC that they can work with during our reading/language time or anything else … maybe i can finally get a class blog up and running …