evernote part deux

ok … i’m still sold on evernote … i used it today to make notes for classroom things – including a log i have to keep regarding the softxpand thin client system i’m testing …

7. i can create different notebooks – so far i have 3 – a ‘schoolbook’, a ‘logbook’, and my default notebook with everything else … makes it easy to separate stuff out

actually – you know how you get pieces of paper with important information on them – and then you lose them? – ok – so maybe that’s just something I do – well – for example – today i received an invitation for a farewell dinner for my principal who is retiring – knowing me i will lose the invitation and not remember where the dinner is – so i held it up and snapped a pic using iSight – it’s now saved in evernote and synced to both my computers (desktop client) as well as to the online files …

very very very cool !!!

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