i luff my touch …

now the only thing (well – ok – not the only thing but rather the only thing RIGHT now) is how to read books that are NOT on eReader.com!

here are my current three home screens



extras here are:
* link to google
* twitterrific app (free)
* eReader app (free)



extras here are:
* link to stuff.co.nz
* link to my geocaching site
* idetect (for detecting wifi)
* link to plurk 
* link to google reader
* link to flickr
* todo app (free)
* french speaking app (free)
* evernote app (free)



they’re all games here and all apps (mostly free)

i love eReader – easy to read text but i want to be able to read books NOT from eReader.com (and without hacking/jailbreaking);

i also want a blogging client (already had a short conversation with marsedit about this) especially for blogger/LJ/wordpress

let’s see – hmm – ok – that’s all so far

oh – except screenshots from eReader


standard shot



note that all these screenshots are 160 x 240 whereas the actual iTouch screen is 189 x 284

watched this morning

(before heading out to the OKC ICT Conference)

The Dance of Life

thanks to Tony

what i get out of this video is that you gotta enjoy life … do something that makes you dance or laugh or both because life is an intricate dance

just how geeky am i?

86% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou

ok – i can’t get the code to work properly in my wordpress or my edublogs … anyone with any ideas welcome to contact me