wry amusement or is it disgust?

i note something that happens EVERY olympics – there’s a lot of hoopla that goes on – you all know what i mean – it’s in your face and you can’t get away from it …

and then … a few days after the olympics, when the para-olympics starts … silence!

here’s what one of our national newspapers says today:

Wellington cyclist Paula Tesoriero has won the gold medal at the 500m time trial at the Beijing Paralympics, breaking the world record in the process.

Tesoriero recorded a time of 43.281s to finish ahead of a rider from Germany and Australia.

Tesoriero was elated with the victory, but doesn’t plan to stop at just one gold medal.

"I feel fantastic. Absolutely fantastic," she said straight after her win.

"The race went exactly to plan. It was a bit tight toward the end, but I finished around half a second between gold and silver. My next race is on Wednesday and I want to do it again," she said.

that’s it … no in depth anything …

the online version of both our papers had an ‘olympics’ masthead during the other olympics – but it’s not to be seen now …

shame on them