How to integrate the computers into our classroom life …

… I asked my class to brainstorm how we could use the computers effectively in the classroom …

Here are their ideas …

  • maths
  • basic facts
  • maths strand activities
  • maths games
  • SODA – pictures/writing
  • topic
  • research
  • dictionary
  • reading texts on computer
  • storywriting – word/powerpoint
  • free choosing/reward
  • handwriting
  • encarta for kids
  • drawing/art
  • blogging

These are things we thought we couldn’t do on the computer – and then, when we did some more brainstorming discovered that perhaps we could do them.

Listen to the rules

  • listen & type
  • video chat
  • you tube – us & others

House points

  • drawing

Daily roll

  • word

Listen to notices

  • filmed (vodcast)
  • Email
  • recording (podcast)
  • video chat


  • word
  • inspiration/kidspiration


  • drawing

Homework marking

  • email
  • word
  • online

Reading a story

  • use special program (PM Readers for example)
  • find a story on youtube

My initial move is to create a computer based bulletin board instead of (as well as) my whiteboard one.


This is the one i threw (quickly put together) together today for the computers.

computer bulletin board

I use Komposer for the html coding (latest version of N|Vu).