5 frame story telling

Today I did my first session based around a #lats09 takeaway – I attended @heymilly’s session on 5 frame digital story telling and with my friend Mariee took some photos which we submitted to the 5 frame group page on flickr.

I wanted to get some talk happening and so told the kids I’d be showing them 5 related pictures and wanted them to look at each one and feed back what they thought was happening in the picture (I’ll move on to the “What’s going to happen next?” later.)

I was totally blown away with the ideas and the reasoning behind the ideas that they came up with. A snippet follows:


  • troll with a magic wand
  • robot
  • troll going to a friend’s house
  • troll in the library
  • troll walking away from/going to draw on the chalkboard
  • abandoned/lost/forgotten/alone
  • troll standing/playing

Read the rest at our class blog page.

My next plan is to show all five pictures and their ideas and get them to write a story cohesively linking the pictures together. Certainly they came up with ideas that Mariee and I didn’t think about when setting up the photos.