Mimio Mania

Yesterday I got my new Mimio for my classroom (along with a new data projector). Since I had classroom release time I was able to have a wee play in our CRT room and then after school got it all set up in my classroom.

Last night I created some resources to use today. The kids and their parents were fascinated with it – I got the kids (and some parents and some of last years kids who wandered in) to write their names on the board – they would write on the board and then wander to watch the letters magically appear on my laptop screen.

I decided to create a visual roll to use in the mornings – well – depending on how well it goes tomorrow morning that is.


What I have is a small photo of each child’s face (and my own) in the left hand grid and their names (and mine) in the right hand grid. As they come in they find their face and drag it onto their name. When it’s time to take the roll (or when the bell goes) it will be easy to see who hasn’t arrived at school yet.

I used an automator script (first time ever I’ve used automator – thanks @Miraz) to resize all the face photos in one go. It worked brilliantly – who needs fancy software when you have a mac?