geocaching, photos and geotagging

thanks to a blog from a fellow kiwi today i figured out a really easy way to geotag my photos …

I read this then went to Maria’s site and read her information.

I have a Nokia 6121c – no GPS but the photo EXIF records the time the photos were taken.


I also have a Garmin GPS60 handheld GPSr that I use for geocaching.

Picture 11

Strangely I had just got back from geocaching and had taken a couple of photos so decided to see if I could use the phone & GPSr & software to geotag my photos.

I downloaded “Loadmytracks” and “GPSPhotoLinker” both free programs for the Mac.

Picture 12

“Load my tracks” connects via USB to the GPSr and downloads any tracks and saves them as gpx files.

Picture 13

“GPSPhotoLinker” marries the track and the photos by time stamp – remarkably well.

Picture 14

iPhoto09 isn’t recognising the geotags but if I use my standalone flickr uploader the geotags are visible in Flickr. When I view the photos in Preview on my mac the geotags are noted.


the flickr map shows a relatively accurate position

Picture 9

and the meta data shows the gps location

Picture 10

Picasa does a fantastic job of recognising the geotag online too:

Picture 8

thanks Miraz for the very good idea!