I’m on holiday … here’s the proof ->

When I’m on holiday there’s inevitably one thing I do that proves I’m on holiday (unless I’m travelling – oh – no – I still do it just in another format!)

I read.


In the last week I’ve read 18 books!

Most from the library but a couple were in our bookshelves. Here’s a collage of the books + the list via the library website – can you pick the two that were on our shelves?

Oh and note – no professional reading at all – all for pleasure!


I guess I’m averaging 2 a day – but given that I’ve also been watching DVDs (should make a list: Miss Potter, 84 Charing Cross Road, Chronicles of Riddick 1 & 2, Amazing Grace, The man who lost his head, Perfect Creature, Quantum of Solace, Starship Troopers 2 & 3, darn it – I can’t remember them all…) I’m actually reading more than that – kinda. And note my eclectic taste in both books and DVDs!