Keeping up with my blog reading

I suffer from the problem of not enough time to keep up with my RSS feeds – today I opened up Google Reader to discover 600+ items to read.

Luckily I sort into folders and some I’m quite happy to mark as read and be done with them.

Others I skim through quite quickly.

But the gems I click on the little double arrow to read in their original blog format.

These posts I savour – some I comment on – some I tuck away for further digestion during holidays.

Here are some blogs/posts that have come to my attention today:

Joe McClung posts about a student who was away from school – but didn’t spend all their time relaxing.

At the teacher’s desk is a collaborative blog – well worth the read.

My boss also blogs and this post about Art Costa caught my eye – specifically the initial comments about thinking:

1. Learning to think

2. Thinking to learn

3. Thinking about our thinking

4. Thinking together

5. Thinking long term and short term

Tom Barrett always has things worth reading. He creates some very useful presentations that are just that – useful/helpful/practical.

This particular post talks about using Wordle

and Voicethread

in the classroom. As I use both of these already (in a limited way) I’m interested in these slideshows.

Andrew has posted about the “crazy ones” – I love this – I have one of the limited edition apple “think different” watches – what’s so different about it? It runs backwards!


(This isn’t my actual watch – but this is what my actual watch looks like!)