I’ve seen the name around but had never been to the site until I read a review in the NZ Interface magazine.

I discovered that you can create all sorts of interactive flash activities for free to use in the classroom. I watched a video or two about how to use the site and decided to try out a couple of the activities. The most successful (and popular) was the arcade game generator. It was so easy to use. All you need is some questions and answers to put into the generator. You can then just click on play and up comes the screen with options for 5 games. My kids went wild playing the games – and they were all fraction questions.

Watch them in action – they’re quite noisy but listen to the excitement and fun they are having. One of them said today that the best thing about this week was that she now knew her fractions.

(Note that I had both my laptops in use by the students to compensate for 3 computers out of action.)