Computer meltdown? No problems!

This week we started back at school. I had rearranged the groups slightly and made sure that all computers were working and online during the holidays. My planning was complete and I had a full-on week of activities planned.

Then Monday occurred and along with it 4 computers out of service! One was my original classroom computer that was looping (registry problem) and the other three were the xtenda box computers (three virtual computers running off one box).

It took till Wednesday for the xtenda technician to arrive at school – he spent about 20 mins doing something (I was teaching at the time) then just said, “not my problem, not xtenda, computer is the problem” and left. After reporting this to the DP I then contacted our usual tech who picked the computer box up on Thursday morning and then Thursday afternoon sent me a text telling me my PC had come back to life again (dust on ram or something). He was back today to get it all up and running.

The really interesting thing was that the kids took all this in their stride. I explained that we couldn’t do all that was planned – we’d do some of it – and that we’d do some other stuff instead.

No moans or groans. They just accepted that sometimes the computers break and that we just get on with it. Pretty mature attitude for 7 and 8 year olds.