Classroom management oh my …

Classroom management is always interesting especially if you have kids doing lots of different things at the same time. Added to the complication of marking is the problem of how do you assess when the work is being done in groups or online? And when do you do this assessment?

This week my class is writing a “Recipe for an Island Holiday”. I’m documenting the work done on my own wiki – not just for my reference but also for evidence of work for assessment. The class is working in a variety of ways: publishing to wiki; brainstorming on wiki; publishing/writing to voicethread; writing on the whiteboard using the magnetic words and whole class writing to a wordle (with me as the scribe for that task). There’s a lot of management making sure the kids are on task while I work with small groups on editing their work in their draft writing books. Phew!

Wordle: island holiday

Maths is another case. We’re just beginning division work and doing it in groups and hands on. Each group had a whiteboard and pen and blocks and as they worked their way through the work I took photos of their work.

Some are struggling with cooperative work!

At the end of the day I can look back and say we worked hard – there’s not a lot of book work as evidence BUT there is online evidence of it.