Lessons I learned from my mother

On this ANZAC day I’m thinking a lot about my parents. My dad died 23 years ago from what we’d now called delayed PTSD – ultimately he died because of war. My mum died 4 years ago and was a huge influence on who I am today.

My personal tribute to ANZAC Day

I was browsing through some blog entries tagged “mum” on my old livejournal blog and came across a post entitled “Lessons I learned from my mother” so I thought I’d repost them here.

  • You’re never too old to do something new
  • Always try to do the thing or things you’re passionate about
  • Don’t give up just because things seem impossible
  • You don’t have to be young or a male to influence other people
  • People aren’t important because of possessions or money, they’re important because they’re people
  • Music is a universal language – you don’t have to understand the words to feel the emotion
  • You don’t have to stop working just because the government says it’s time for you to stop
  • Even if you can’t travel you don’t have to remain ignorant of other peoples and cultures
  • You can’t judge something you have no experience of
  • Rules made by men are not necessarily the same as what God would say
  • You’re never too old to be a rebel

I am the product of two people who shared their passions with their children. There’s so much that is “me” that I can trace back to my parents. The sci-fi geek me comes from dad; the passionate reader me comes from mum and dad; the music loving me comes from mum and dad; the passion for teaching comes from mum. I would not be the person I am today without the influence of my parents.