New Technology – iPhone 3GS Part 1

There’s been quite a hoopla over the past couple of weeks in NZ over Apple technology. Both the iPad and the iPhone4 have just been released here – with lots of ‘will they, won’t they’ drama over the iPhone 4. I originally intended to purchase the phone since my 24 month contract was expiring and I really wanted to reduce my 2 devices (Nokia 6121 & iTouch) to 1. After talking with one of my parents and checking out his iPhone 3GS I decided to buy one of those instead. I signed up to a new plan through Vodafone and sat back to wait for my phone to arrive. I expected it to be here Tuesday next week but was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived on Saturday morning.

Setting it up was a piece of cake except for 1 issue of trying to transfer my notes from the iTouch to the iPhone (in the end I sent the notes to my Evernote account). I decided on a clean installation for the iPhone which meant that things like the Notes didn’t transfer. (There’s also nothing like a technology spring clean every now and then to clean all the unwanted/unused stuff off your device whether it be a mobile one or a laptop/desktop computer.)

Camera Function
One thing I’ve been used to doing with my Nokia is taking photos and videos so that was a function I particularly wanted to test. The Nokia has a 2MP camera and the iPhone has a 3MP one.

This is a photo I took yesterday.

Island shot

And I’ve been experimenting with the video function as well. The first video is shot in portrait orientation and I trimmed it before uploading to YouTube.

The second is shot in landscape orientation with sound (via the headphone/mic) and untrimmed.

Initial impressions -> I’m very happy with the quality of photo/video. I also have a ‘real’ camera but as someone once said the best camera in the world is the one you have with you. I also like the fact that I can upload directly to Flickr or YouTube.

The iPhone is integrating seamlessly with my home wifi – using that function rather than the Vodafone network to do all the uploading etc. There is a builtin Usage Meter that gives some helpful and handy information.

Usage details

I had lots of fun testing my iTouch and iPhone side by side. There’s a remarkable clarity difference in the screen resolution of the two devices – possibly because the iTouch is older. Apps open much faster on the iPhone which is also great.

I’ll post more as I use the iPhone during the week. Battery life will be interesting (already I can say way better than the iTouch but probably not as good as the Nokia – although I’m using it more than the Nokia because of the different uses.)