Writing revolution

A revolution is some kind of change that takes place in a relatively short period of time. A writing revolution has happened in my classroom over the last few weeks.

Towards the end of last term I signed my students up at kidblog.org and introduced them to the blog. It uses the same familiar wordpress environment that we see here at edublogs but with most of the bells and whistles removed. Between the time I introduced kidblogs and the end of the holidays 24 posts had been written.

Over the last 4 weeks 135 posts have been written and over 300 comments made on those posts. Some of the comments have come from other people of course – but most are from my students commenting on each others work.

Not only are my students blogging during the school day but they are also blogging ‘out of hours’ – after school, in the evenings, on the weekend.

They are writing voluntarily.

And that, my friends, is a writing revolution!