Random Acts of Kindness

In times of disaster stories of random acts of kindness and bravery emerge from the rubble (literally in the case of Tuesday’s earthquake in Christchurch).

Here’s my story about kindness.

We found out yesterday that my Aunty Lee was living in central Christchurch and not further out away from quake damage. We had some anxious hours of waiting – more for Emma who was at home fielding calls from my sister in Hastings – she didn’t want to text me at school so waited till I got home. When I was able to get back in contact with my sister the news was good – Aunty Lee and Colin had been located. Here’s where the random act of kindness comes in.

Aunty Lee’s sister Val and my sister Barb tried every thing they could think of to try and locate Aunty Lee – Red Cross etc. In the end, and in desperation, Val phoned their local radio station (they live in Hastings, North Island) and poured out her plight. A guy phoned up and said he was on his way down to Christchurch and would personally go to Aunty Lee & Colin’s place to see if they were ok. A couple of hours later (must have been the first thing he did on arrival) he used his cell phone so Aunty Lee and Val could talk to each other. They are safe, unhurt, terrified – too scared to move. They’re actually living inside the cordoned area so not sure if they will be evacuated or not.

I don’t know who the guy was – not sure if Val even got his name – but whoever he is he has our family’s thanks.

(We still have family members unaccounted for – my ex-brother-in-law Joe Dunning is still to check in. We’re assuming that it’s because he can’t not because he’s missing/dead.) Updated to say that Joe turned up – typical bloke – knew he was ok and didn’t think others would be looking for him! On a sad note I discovered last week that an old friend died in the CTV building – RIP Wally.