Not obsessed at all

I’m really NOT obsessed at all with apple products – just because I’ve got so many of them doesn’t make me obsessed … or does it?

i, Mac & Pro - time for work

Absent from this picture is the iPad, iTouch and iPhone.


Life in Room 12

This is just a catch-up of happenings in our classroom & school.

We had a special visitor to our class for 10 days – Rohi. Rohi has her own blog and is on an intrepid journey around New Zealand visiting a number of schools on the way. Here is a slide show of her time with us.

Rohi and Room 12 @ RBS on PhotoPeach


eLearning classrooms tend to use a lot of technology at different times. Here’s a slide show of some of the tech at use in Room 12.

Technology in our Classroom on PhotoPeach


And here’s a snapshot of life @ RBS – just a mixture of things.

Life @ School on PhotoPeach