Wellington Educamp

I’m in Wellington this weekend spending time with some friends from my PLN. On Saturday we all attended/participated in the first ever Wellington Educamp. (Twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23educampwelly) Right from the start it was all about conversations whether they were 2 minute snapshots at the smackdown starter or around a table all talking about the same thing or over lunch at Maccers.


Smackdown #EduCampWelly

(It was great working with Fiona on the smackdown!)

After the event 6 of us headed back to our motel where the conversations continued. We talked, laughed, shared stories, laughed some more for several hours before heading out for dinner and more conversation.

The six of us have got together before on a number of occasions over the last 3-4 years but always around conferences where you snatch bits of time often around breakfast to catch up. How fantastic then this has been – just to be able to site around and talk with no pressing timetable to cut us off. It was the same at Educamp – we didn’t have to stop a conversation just because it was the end of a session or time for the next session.

I loved the informality of the day, meeting new people, seeing people from my area attending (woo hoo), and being inspired by others. I was amazed at the Year 5 student (same age as mine) with stunning abilities in Scratch. And I was so inspired by the account of Shakespeare on Twitter from a high school teacher (who I discovered I had multiple degrees of separation from) that left me wanting to do something similiar with my students.


@shakespearenut & @dragonsinger57

Thanks to all the workers on the day (the Wellington based people) and to all who came – we had a great time.

Panorama shot