OS X Lion First 24 hours

This time yesterday I downloaded and installed Lion. There are new things and quirky things and broken things.

New Things

  • Full screen apps (Mac Native only) – I’m actually using mail in a full screen in its own desktop & Safari full screen in its own desktop
  • Full screen apps have their own desktop – nothing else shares it
  • Remembered state – whatever was open when I closed the thing (safari, pages, firefox etc) automatically opens when I next open it
  • Easy access to all the desktops via three finger scrolls (up/down/sideways)
  • iCal & Mail – I’ll actually use these now – I can default to my Google mail/calendar for both of these apps – and keep them open in full screen
  • Designating which desktop an app will open in – especially good for non-mac apps that can’t open in full screen
  • Preview + signature – very cool feature – I’ve scanned my signature into preview (via the built-in signature feature) and now can add to any PDF
  • All my files – great new feature in finder – sorted by creation date it means it doesn’t matter where your current files are you can locate them quickly – I use an alias on my desktop to quickly drop my files into a relevant folder – things can be resorted from there but in the meantime they’re not cluttering up my desktop

Quirky Things

  • Scrolling up and down – if you have an iPad you’ll know that to scroll down a page you put your finger at the bottom of the page and scroll up – this is now the default (but easily turned off) action for the trackpad

Broken Things

  • Voicethread – unable to record voice or video comments – found a fix for the voice but I still don’t have video
  • Schoolmaster (for those of us who use SM @ school) – doesn’t work

It’s hard commenting on just this as Google+ is also firing on all cylinders at the moment and with two new things to explore it’s very hard concentrating on just one!