What does the ‘e’ stand for anyway?

I’ve had this post hovering in my head for some months now. We used to talk about ICT and now we talk about eLearning – but what does the ‘e‘ stand for?

A lot of people seeing the connection between ICT and eLearning just assume it means electronic because most people involved in eLearning are using technology in their classrooms but I disagree.

The key word is LEARNING – because that’s what it’s all about. As for the e – here are some suggestions for what it could stand for:

  • enhanced
  • enriched
  • electronic
  • enabling
  • enquiry
  • encompassing
  • engaged
  • enduring
  • enabling
  • enjoying

What are your thoughts – do you have any other ‘e’ words that could fit into the e of eLearning?