Seesaw Ambassador

Today I became a Seesaw Ambassador!

We’ve been using Seesaw (ePortfolio for students/teachers/family/whanau) for several years at school – just a couple of classes to start with and then this year we started the year with 6 classes and our total is rapidly expanding. My parents love being able to take a peak into our class and see what their children have been up to (not streaming) and to be able to comment on their children’s work.

As an ambassador one of my key tasks is to hold a workshop at school (easy to do as I have had teachers begging me to do some PD around Seesaw for them for several terms now) and I have this already booked.

I totally love a site that provides free training, gives you free stuff for doing that training, provides all the ‘stuff’ you need to workshop your knowledge for other people without it being a huge burden.