are you using evernote? if not – may i recommend it to you ..

if you can’t figure out why you should use it after checking the website out take a look at some of the videos at the How I use my evernote project

and yes i have a video on that


i saw a mention of this program on twitter – where i seem to be seeing lots of programs mentioned – and signed up for a beta invite …


here’s where i think it’s great

1. it syncs with the server – that means that what i write on one computer i can access from the others – i love flocks clipboard feature BUT i can’t access what i’ve clipped on the iBook on my macbook as well …

2. desktop client – on both computers – makes it easy to see what i’ve got – without being online or having an open browser

3. i can add/delete/edit etc from my desktop

4. i can take pix with my iSight (macbook only) and upload

5. handwriting recognition – i tested with a handwritten note saying – don’t forget the coffee – it requires two syncs for it to be recognised but then i can search and it identifies the correct doc (not sure what it would make of doctors handwriting though!!

6. uploading via cell phone – i’m a great fan of being able to upload something from my cellfone – it’s with me all the time – i can send myself notes etc; take pix and send; forward a text message i don’t want to forget …

7. …