Thinking Digital

Last year Tara and I had the privilege of speaking at the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle, UK. It was an amazing experience – only enhanced by the fact that Sugata Mitra was also speaking – immediately after us! Here’s the video:

25 Jo Fothergill V1 from Thinking Digital on Vimeo.


Mobile blogging

One of the things about web 2.0 that I love is mobility. The use of Google docs means I can access my work anywhere – even on a mobile device such as my iPod touch. Thanks to a mobile version of wordpress I can post to my blog from my itouch too.

The next step for me will be an ipad (July? Come on – why are you making us wait??) and possibly even an iPhone (to replace my itouch).

Mobility makes communicating current and relevant.

Something I just discovered when trying to publish this post is the ability to write a local draft and publish when you want (even post dating it). Very nice!