The woes of exercising

This year I have an aim to exercise more, eat better, and lose weight – not by being outrageous but by being sensible.

But …

Have you noticed that once you start exercising (walking for me) that you very quickly increase your stamina and recovery time so that it takes longer to get the type of exercise you need? We are using our Apple Watch/iPhone Activity monitor to achieve certain move, exercise, and stand goals. We walk all over the place but have one regular walk that’s close to home.


We like this walk because there are so many alternatives for us but regularly do an out to the 2km mark and back. But it’s almost become too easy even though it’s the walk that will be easy to maintain once I’m back at work full time. Sigh.

My it’s not NYE post

A funny thing happens when you start looking back in time. You find out that who you were is different to who you are now.

It seems to be something that happens at the end of year – I’ve been looking back at photos of my students from the start of the year – in February they were very young and apprehensive looking – now they’re more secure in who they are and looking older as well (even if they are just 10 years old).

I’ve also been taking a look at who I was via the internet wayback machine. It’s very cool. You put in a website address and it comes back with cached versions of that address. These archives go back as far as 1996 – which is plenty far enough for most of us. For me – I’ve had an online presence since 1999. Web that is – long before then I had a BBS presence on NZ BBS.

The first cached website of mine is from February 2001. And I see that I began blogging around that time too – I think I was debating which one was better. I actually started playing around with html sites back in 1999 and hosted them with my ISP but for some reason those haven’t been cached.

In the course of experimenting with webdesign I came up with my own designs – including ones intended to load as fast as possible – remember this was in the old dial up days – as well as experimenting with designs from the OSWD people.

So I’ve spent several days looking back at who I was (the online me) and reflecting on the changes. Am I a better person – who knows – however, the most important thing, for me anyway, is that I’m not the same – I’ve changed – I haven’t stayed static – and THAT is a good thing.

What will the next 10 years bring me? I don’t know – but I intend to plunge into whatever comes my way with enthusiasm and passion.
(And yes I know we usually write this sort of stuff around New Years – I’m just a little ahead of myself!)

Hard week

It’s been a hard week at school – last Saturday a former teacher & friend, Sarah, died unexpectedly. She was 26. On Wednesday a number of us travelled up to Hawera for her funeral. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone so young. It’s hard, in fact, to believe that she’s really gone! And it’s hard working amongst memories of her.

I came away from the funeral with the thought that I need to enjoy my kids (my own) more – do more with them – take more photos of them and with them – because sometimes life doesn’t always pan out how you plan it to.

Take some time and hug your kid today – even if they’re adults.