Thinking Digital

Last year Tara and I had the privilege of speaking at the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle, UK. It was an amazing experience – only enhanced by the fact that Sugata Mitra was also speaking – immediately after us! Here’s the video:

25 Jo Fothergill V1 from Thinking Digital on Vimeo.


Time Lapse Fun

Last week I tried my hand at some time lapse photography in my classroom. I did a little research (thanks to the sister of a colleague who attended Learning@School this year) and discovered some Mac software called gawker which runs on your computer taking photographs at whatever interval you specify. I showed my students how it worked then set my laptop up to run during 3 different blocks of time during the day: literacy time; maths time & lunch time (which was very interesting to watch). I’d like to get a whole day but that would mean a little more thought as I’d need to reposition things for power supply etc.

So here we go – a glimpse of Room 9 on St Paddy’s Day.

camera/video technique … i did it my way …

I found myself wanting to both video the action at Unicon XV and take photographs and ended up holding my camera on top of the vado and shooting both video and photo at the same time.

This is a photo of how I hold the two (note that I use two hands but my 2nd hand was taking this photo!):

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

This is a photo I snapped (and used as part of my 365 Photo Challenge):

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dragonsinger

And this is the video that I shot at the same time:

43 seconds into the video is when I took the photo above.

Video Comparisons …

… I decided to compare the video quality between my Samsung PL50, Nokia 6121c and my Creative Vado Video Camera. The results are here:

8 keys to success

We watched this video today at our cluster lead teachers meeting.

News Broadcasters

Today students in my class became news broadcasting teams. They worked in groups of 4 – 2 girls, 2 boys – and took the roles of news reporters (2), camera operator (1) and producer (1).

Each group had the same script to work from (our school daily notices). They organised themselves into roles with their groups. While the reporters practised their scripts I ran a mini workshop for the camera operators and producers.

We used the class Canon Powershot A470 mounted on a tripod. First I showed them how to attach the camera to the mounting bracket and then they all had to show me how to do it. Then I showed them how to attach the bracket to the tripod and then they all did that for me.

We talked about setting the camera up – I set the scene but talked them through it. We looked at framing and distance etc.

After morning tea I worked with each group to record the news. The reporters practised while I ran through the setup with the camera operator and producer then we silenced the class and they did their recording. I worked through each of the 5 groups which took nearly 90 minutes all up.

After lunch the camera operator and producers worked on their videos to add titles and end credits to the video using Windows Movie Maker.

Finally in the last 1/2 hour of school today we watched the videos and did some feedback.

Once I’ve got permission from parents I hope to be able to share some videos with others.

It was an exciting day!


i love this site … you can make quick 30 sec videos with still shots … i used some pictures from last weeks camp

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

and for my 2nd attempt …

thanks to my long-suffering teenage son …

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

trying out animation

i’ve had a go using animoto but wanted to try something that could be used in the classroom

here’s #1

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