To Chromebook or Not to Chromebook …

I’m just back from a month in the UK – mainly holiday – and visiting family and friends – and a conference (Thinking Digital UK) where we had the privilege to speak about our experiences of teaching using some of Sugata Mitra’s SOLE ideas AND to meet him as he spoke directly after us! Everything about the month was wonderful – we visited places and people and had a great time. Towards the end of the month we decided to invest in a Chromebook each – something we’d talked about doing but weren’t sure we could afford to. I’m so glad we did. I love mine.

  • It was very easy to set up – read that as I didn’t have to do anything in order to get going – any setting up has been for apps I wanted to try out.
  • It is very quick – I started both my Chromebook and my Macbook up at the same time – I was browsing on the Chromebook before my Mac login page had even appeared.
  • It is very unobtrusive regarding popups – I hate the ‘there’s an update ready’ popups on my Mac and am forever hiding them – on the Chromebook there are no popups just a little up arrow that appears in the bottom right hand corner so you can update when you’re ready.


  • Updating is quick – just restart and it’s done.
  • Backups are a piece of cake – it’s all cloud based – I got 100GB free for 2 years – not that I’ll ever use it all. (Mac backups are easy but nothing like this – and I get an annoying popup (this time saying I haven’t backed up for 33 days – the length of time I’ve been out of the country) which I have to deal with.


  • Offline docs/mail are automatically enabled – I’m yet to test this as I live in a wifi environment.
  • At school my Mac is connected up to the interactive whiteboard – the Chromebook gives me the opportunity to do other work without having to ask kids to stop their work.
  • All my work for school is in Google or Wikispaces – my students use Google Apps for Education as well – the Chromebook is all that is needed for that kind of work.
  • At school we print via Cloud -> no problems for the CB – at home I have an old classic printer at the moment – but have just managed to print via my Mac/CloudPrint/USB cable – but even if I couldn’t do that because I’m working in Chrome I could just open the file in Chrome on my Mac to print.
  • I can connect remotely to my Macbook and even run apps/programmes – handy if I’ve taken a screenshot on the mac and want it on the Chromebook – which is what I did with the two screenshots above!
  • Creating videos isn’t a problem – you can now create a webcam video live on youtube AND edit and remix it – fantastic project for kids to work on. (Or they can use the WeVideo chrome app.)

There’s a lot of debate about iPad vs Netbook for kids – how about a Chromebook instead? In a school environment (especially one like my classroom) this is all you need. A lot of time saved in setting up from my perspective. At home we’ve had the kids (16, 12, 8 – all boys) using it – they get their own login (their email accounts) and all their own settings – no longer do we have to log out of someone else’s facebook or email as it’s all contained within their logins. And because it’s cloud based they can access anything they do from any other computer in the house. Is it the computer to end all computers – I don’t think so – I’m still a Mac fan – but I love the ease of using this – because it’s so quick to start up I’m reaching for it before the Mac. I can see that it won’t be long before I just leave my Mac at school and take my Chromebook back and forwards. (OK – that won’t actually happen until next term since I’m still on sabbatical!)

So my verdict to the “To Chromebook or Not” is definitely give it a go!