CORE eFellowship 2012

CORE education have announced the deadline for their 2012 eFellowship awards. As a 2011 eFellow I’d like to encourage innovative educators to think about apply for this award.

The CORE Education eFellowship Awards recognise innovative e-learning practice by New Zealand teachers. The Fellowship celebrates teaching excellence in an eLearning context and aims to raise public and educational community awareness of the benefits of eLearning. Once inducted into the fellowship, fellows will provide ongoing, community-focused leadership in the field. In any one year up to 6 new fellows may be selected for the CORE Education eFellowship Induction Programme.

I’ve really enjoyed my time this year – getting to meet others, from different sectors of education, who are doing different things to what I’m doing – we’ve all learned a lot from each other.

As 2011 draws to an end, I’m aware that I’m going to miss our masterclass times together, but I’m excited at my growth this year and for my continuing e-Learning journey. I’ve been working on my poster for showing at the CORE stand at Ulearn2011 and my research wiki. This journey doesn’t really have a destination – it’s ever-changing and evolving – which makes the journey even more exciting.

This is my current draft of my poster – for a non-arty person I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and have had to learn a whole new set of skills using GIMP to produce this poster. My initial idea was quickly thrown away and I’ve toyed with a few ideas before settling down to produce this.

You’ll notice the QR code – we’re all going to have QR codes on our posters – I think I’ll put this poster up at school and see if anyone there asks me what it is.