I don’t often rave about apps but this one is definitely ‘rave-able’! Craig posted yesterday about using this app in his classroom so I thought I’d download it and show it to my class today. Well – talk about excited! They got together with buddies and scripted some quick maths videos.



I found a ‘relatively’ quiet place for them to do the recording and left them to it. Half the class has had a go already and the rest will have a go tomorrow. They really enjoyed working like this and reckon they won’t forget their demos when it comes time to use them during maths lessons.

Here are four of the videos they created.




iPad in the Classroom

I’ve had an iPad for a week or so and the kids are very enamored of it. Today I found a new thing that I could do thanks to a blog post that one of my PLN tweeted about (thanks Wes).

The blog post talked about how to mirror your laptop onto your iPad and then, using some specific software, turn it into an interactive whiteboard.

The display software costs $$$ to buy for your iPad but seems to be free for the Macbook. It was easy enough to install and run. Then I wondered. Would it still work if I closed the Ink2Go software and ran my IWB (ActivInspire) software on it’s own.

Sure enough it worked very nicely indeed. In the picture below you see:
Top Left: my initial desktop mirrored;
Top Right: writing on the iPad;
Bottom Left: drawing on the iPad;
Bottom Right: both screens mirrored.

Day 78 - iPad & Air Display

How it could be used in the classroom? Well – I can see it being used quite nicely during maths time – I teach my small groups using the IWB – each group has it’s own flipchart which we use to record all figuring out – the iPad could be used by a student to show how they’ve worked a problem out. Now I might not use it as much as others (thanks to my awesome IWB) but this is a nice way to give IWB ability to those who have a data projector but no IWB.

Time will tell.

I should mention that the mirroring gives the iPad user full control over the laptop including all menu control.