Teaching as Inquiry

More Musings

This week I’ve been thinking about UDL – and what place it has in helping all my students connect, engage, learn, create …

I watched this little movie to remind me of what I already knew …

… and then I thought about the current literacy task my students are working on – how could I adapt the task so that everyone of them could succeed?

We’ve been deconstructing texts and constructing elements of a story – most of my students are ready to create their masterpiece – so … I’ve decided that instead of just letting them write it up in gdocs I’m adding some elements. Tomorrow when we talk over the plan for the week I’ll present them with some different options:

  • Storybird
  • Gdocs
  • Handwrite
  • Storyboard
  • … (I’m sure some other options will come to me!)

Let’s see how that goes.


Priority Learners – reading/writing – I’m taking a look back at two pieces of research I’ve already done to see what I have already discovered and to see what I can use in relation to my current priority learners. (http://dragonflights.wikispaces.com/home – Literacy, Reluctant Writers and ICTs; https://sites.google.com/site/ttjjmf/home – Assessment in NZ Primary Schools)

Hmm – not sure if I’ve changed my idea … had a read of this: https://networkonnet.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/mathematics-here-is-the-answer/ in the wake of the maths failure blah blah blah and it’s got me thinking about my kids at the other end of the spectrum too …

“Researchers in England found 88% of children placed into ability groups at age 4 remain in the same groupings until they leave school.”  – if this applies for maths surely it must also apply for other areas of the curriculum as well.


What can I do to improve my day to day teaching that will enhance the learning opportunities for all my students – not just my priority learners but also my top end learners too.


Philosophy: http://dragonsinger57.com/philosophy/

Inquiry Planning

Hunch/problem/trigger (What is a ‘valued outcome’ in my classroom that I want to work on?)

  • I want all students in my classroom to be engaged in their own learning. I want them to be self-managing

Evidence (How do I know?  Data may be quantitative  or qualitative)

What do I already know that could be useful?

  • Students need to have ‘buy-in’ in order to fully engage in their own learning – it needs to be more than ‘I’m learning this because my teacher told me to’

What new knowledge and/or capability do I need?

  • Not new knowledge but I need to unpack success criteria better – it tends to be something I do at the start of a unit and then I forget to talk about it again – our writing work is reminding me that I need to do it more often and in little chunks

Where can I go or who can I ask to help?

What are some possible strategies I could use?

  • Lots of conversations with kids about their learning – what are they learning/why are they learning/what will the result be
  • Talk with kids about engagement – what does is feel/look like for them?

How will I know it’s made a difference? How will I measure any change?